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Aluminum Windows and Doors in Plano, TX

We Can Help You Transform Your Space


Every homeowner wants a comfortable, secure, and stylish home. But when your windows and doors are old, drafty, or outdated, your living space can feel less than perfect. We believe everyone should enjoy a home that suits their needs and personal style perfectly.


At TBP Windows and Doors, we understand your concerns and are here to help. Boasting a track record as an aluminum windows and doors contractor in Plano, TX, we’ve carved out a niche as a trusted leader in the industry, consistently delivering high-quality solutions tailored to each client’s specific preferences.

Discover the Benefits of Aluminum Windows and Doors

When embarking on the journey to modernize your home, consider the myriad benefits our residential aluminum windows and doors bring. As your trusted aluminum windows and doors contractor in Plano, TX, we specialize in delivering sleek, durable, and low-maintenance solutions that seamlessly marry aesthetics with practicality. Here’s a closer look at why opting for aluminum is an exceptional choice for your residential windows and doors:


– Renowned for its strength, it ensures the creation of resilient windows and doors against extreme weather conditions.

– Crafted with precision, our aluminum windows and doors boast a smooth, premium finish that maintains their visual appeal year after year.

– Champions of energy efficiency, they effectively insulate your home against both heat and cold and reduce energy costs.

– Its innate flexibility allows us to shape it precisely, providing unparalleled design versatility. 


When considering a home remodel, choosing residential aluminum windows and doors becomes more than just a practical decision – it becomes an investment in the durability, energy efficiency, and design versatility that will elevate your home’s overall appeal and functionality.

Your Perfect Home is Just a Call Away

Avoid the disappointment of sticking with outdated, inefficient windows and doors. Instead, experience the benefits of working with TBP Windows and Doors. Our high-quality residential aluminum windows and doors allow you to enjoy a more comfortable, energy-efficient, and stylish home. 

Ready to transform your home? It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

Contact us to discuss your needs.

Schedule a consultation to explore your options.

Choose your perfect windows and doors.

Don’t settle for less when the home of your dreams is within reach. Your perfect home awaits; let us help you achieve it!


Ben Grierson
Ben Grierson
I'm a builder and have worked with a few different slider door companies and TBP definetly has the best.
janice dyer
janice dyer
TBP Sliding Doors and their crew were phenomenal!!! I am now in my forever home and really wanted to make it perfect! Kelly talked me into replacing my back wall with windows to a 3 part sliding window door….Excellent suggestion! I got 4 other bids but the expertise that Kelly has, made me choose his company and I am glad! I’ve included some pics!!! I get to look at this every day!!! Tying my outdoors to my indoors and making my house a home!
Mark Vines
Mark Vines
Here at First Calibre Remodeling, we've reached out to the team at Steel One on numerous occasions to engage with us for our clients, and, without fail, they have provided not only the best quality doors, but also customer service that is truly irreproachable. We have had a number of different companies over the years provide windows and glass sliders, but after discovering Steel One, we genuinely stopped looking for another, as this group of people take their profession and customer service with an incredible level of passion and dedication. Kelly, Josh, Rossana, and the entirety of their incredible team, are what not only we as builders yearn for in every trade we work with, but also what our clients hope for, as we've been told a number of times. The level of professionalism, courtesy, patience, are only matched by their communication and price, which are so vital in this profession. While we seldom provide endorsements or reviews, this is one that we felt compelled to do, as all the folks at Steel One truly do deserve the praise. They really are true professionals in their field, and are incredible. --First Calibre Remodeling

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