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Custom Steel Windows and Doors in Dallas, TX

Strength you can feel With Custom Steel

We all want to live in a space that reflects our unique style. However, having an outdated home or a cookie-cutter design can limit the options for achieving this goal, making you feel disconnected from your property. This is where custom steel windows and doors come in, offering bold elegance that can transform your home into a distinctive and stylish sanctuary.


At TBP Windows & Doors, we share your desire for a space that stands out and meets all your functional needs. Our team has helped dozens of families upgrade their homes with custom steel windows and doors, adding a touch of luxury while enhancing their property’s value.

Merging Aesthetics with Engineering

Our professional engineering ensures seamless integration of our custom steel windows and custom metal exterior doors with the architectural aesthetics of your home or office. We don’t just create windows and doors; we craft bespoke pieces that elevate your space’s look and feel.


Choosing custom metal doors and windows in Dallas, TX, comes with multiple benefits. These include unmatched durability, offering years of use without compromising on aesthetics. Our products provide enhanced security, giving you peace of mind. The design flexibility allows us to tailor each piece to your needs and preferences.

Precision Installation for Perfect Results

At TBP Windows & Doors, we pride ourselves on our meticulous installation process. Our experienced and knowledgeable team ensures that your custom steel windows and doors are installed with precision and attention to detail. Each project, big or small, is treated with utmost care to create a seamless integration with your space. 

Our commitment to quality ensures that your vision is brought to life exactly as you imagined it. To get started, simply: 

Get in touch with us to discuss your remodeling project.

Our team will work with you to design your custom steel windows and doors.

Relax as our professionals install your new fixtures with precision and care.

Explore the Possibilities with Custom Steel Windows and Doors

Don’t miss out on the perfect steel door in Dallas solution for your home. Trust us to deliver above-industry standards and products perfectly tailored to your home or office aesthetics. You’re stepping towards excellence, expertise, and exceptional results by choosing TBP Windows & Doors. 


Explore our offerings today and consider these bespoke solutions for your projects. Your dream home is just a call away!


Ben Grierson
Ben Grierson
I'm a builder and have worked with a few different slider door companies and TBP definetly has the best.
janice dyer
janice dyer
TBP Sliding Doors and their crew were phenomenal!!! I am now in my forever home and really wanted to make it perfect! Kelly talked me into replacing my back wall with windows to a 3 part sliding window door….Excellent suggestion! I got 4 other bids but the expertise that Kelly has, made me choose his company and I am glad! I’ve included some pics!!! I get to look at this every day!!! Tying my outdoors to my indoors and making my house a home!
Mark Vines
Mark Vines
Here at First Calibre Remodeling, we've reached out to the team at Steel One on numerous occasions to engage with us for our clients, and, without fail, they have provided not only the best quality doors, but also customer service that is truly irreproachable. We have had a number of different companies over the years provide windows and glass sliders, but after discovering Steel One, we genuinely stopped looking for another, as this group of people take their profession and customer service with an incredible level of passion and dedication. Kelly, Josh, Rossana, and the entirety of their incredible team, are what not only we as builders yearn for in every trade we work with, but also what our clients hope for, as we've been told a number of times. The level of professionalism, courtesy, patience, are only matched by their communication and price, which are so vital in this profession. While we seldom provide endorsements or reviews, this is one that we felt compelled to do, as all the folks at Steel One truly do deserve the praise. They really are true professionals in their field, and are incredible. --First Calibre Remodeling

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